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Statements is a hair studio that has been in existence for 23 years.  It is located at the top of Church Street in downtown Burlington, VT.  Jess McLellan has been in the industry for three decades and is renowned for the quality work he performs in all aspects of hair design for women and men.

Jess has been “doing” my hair for over ten years. He is a true artist, which is apparent when you see his end product. I was once a true blonde and have made a great effort to stay blonde, and Jess has enabled me to do that, in a natural-looking way. His creativity and keen eye for good taste results in a stellar look and an extremely satisfied client. I am one of those woman who experiments with many hairstyles and Jess is always willing to listen and create what I am looking for. I have used him for color, cut (excellent and stays current with styles), keratin (I love it!) and would highly recommend him for any and all of these services.

Laurie Hill

What do I Love about Jess? First, I get so many compliments on my hair color. He’s Amazing! I don’t style my hair I’m a 'wash and wear' type and still get hair praise long after the salon visit. Second, he listens to what you’re saying about cut, style and color and works with you. And he remembers the conversation visit to visit. Third, he’s a great guy and I love going to his salon where’s it’s so private.

Maree Gaetani

Hair Salon for Women Image


Jess is a true artist when it comes to color and cuts.  He stays on top of the newest styles and trends and is truly expert with color.  His eye to match your natural color is exemplary, but he can also suggest scenarios that accentuates your beauty.


If you want a men’s haircut done correctly, Jess is your man.  He takes the time and effort to cut men’s hair correctly and the results are apparent.  He is quite efficient but takes the time to fully groom his client with eyebrow and ear trims.  He also offers natural-looking hair color for men.

Hair Salon for Men Image
Hair Cutting & Styling

Hair Cutting & Styling

Because of Jess’ artistic and creative nature, his clients’ hair is his palette.  His stays on top of current styles and is masterful when it comes to the end product.  He has high standards and will not let you leave the shop until he feels your cut and style is perfect.

Hair Coloring & Color Techniques

Hair Coloring & Color Techniques

Again, because of Jess’ artistic nature, he is a master with color.  From matching your natural color, to enhancing aging or damaged hair, he is second to none.  His vast experience with color has enabled him to find the perfect recipe to create an ideal look.

Hair Styling Image

Blow Outs

There is nothing like having your hair blown out to look like it did when you last left the studio.  It’s typically a quick and inexpensive way to feel beautiful.  Jess’ standards with techniques and products make you feel like a queen/king when you walk out of his shop.

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