Jess McLellan - Owner of Statements Hair Design, Burlington, VT

Jess McLellan

Owner, Statements Hair Design

Hairdressing is the profession I always knew would be the right choice for me professionally. Knowing from a young age, as far back as I can remember, as a kid watching my Aunt doing the entire family’s hair, made a favorable impression on me. As I was going through school, I excelled in any hands-on and artistic ventures. When my brain and hands connect, I can be quite creative.

After high school I enrolled in hairdressing school and met my best friend for life; she just happened to be the Dean’s daughter, who was also a month late getting enrolled! We worked very well together as we quickly figured out who was the left and who was the right hand. We made a great team! Then came graduation and where to and what? She stayed in Connecticut and I came to Vermont. I initially worked with my Aunt in Barre, but then set my sights on Burlington. I first worked for a big salon on College Street, picked up many more skills and techniques, but knew I would work better with less oversight. I then moved down to Burlington’s waterfront (Hair Studio), where I rented my own chair and worked more autonomously for several years.

I then took the big jump and started my own studio on Upper Church Street – thus the beginning of Statements. That was in 1993 and I have been there ever since. I have a large long-term clientele, but always room for more. Being a part of a small livable city is where I am most comfortable and happy. I am proud and thoroughly enjoy being a long-term resident of this community. It enables me to partake in many of my favorite activities, one of them being hairdressing.

During my time off, you will see me walking/hiking my two Weimaraners (Mr. Cooper and Sarge) who keep me on my toes. I also enjoy paddling, snow skiing, cycling, and other outdoor activities that our area allows us to enjoy. 

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